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A little about us
Rusty Classic Restoration is a family-owned, classic-auto restoration and repair business. We are a fully-functioning restoration and customization shop for classic, vintage and antique automobiles (typically, twenty-five years and older models). As such, we can perform any-and-all tasks associated with the partial or full restoration and/or customization – including “Resto-Mods” (Restoration with modifications) of classic automobiles; we will also perform smaller, shorter-term projects for classic automobiles such as simple automotive and/or body-work repairs.

We are passionate about our cars – and yours

We give each one our undivided attention. We can completely restore your treasured automobile back to original, or to your specifications – including bodywork, paint, and mechanics; also, we perform minor-to-major repairs on your precious classic.


Car restoration is just car restoration, Right?

Not at all! Here’s the difference in a nutshell:

Concours d’ Elegance and Sema Quality $$$$$
This is the most involved, time-consuming type of restoration; a “concours/sema car” is a full frame-off restoration, where everything must be original – or replaced with original parts correct for the period and model.  Paints and interiors must be exactly as when rolled off the manufacturing belt, including stickers on engines, overspray marks at doors, etc.  Vehicle is painted to the color code matching the VIN.  These types of projects typically take 5-10 years from (the very start) to finish; much of the time involved is spent in research, and in tracking down and acquiring the correct parts. If parts are not available, then the original part must be refurbished to the extent possible.  If the original part is missing and unavailable – or beyond salvage – then it must be fabricated to very exact specifications – often without the aid of a mold or model. Now you can see why this is such an expensive and time consuming – but worth it – car restoration

Resto-Mods $$-$$$$
(Restoration with Modification) – The sky’s the limit:  any parts of the vehicle may be altered to accommodate the customer’s wildest desires.  Vehicle may be painted any color.  Can be accomplished with the frame-off for a more thorough refurbishment, or with the frame-on for a less involved project.  The time involved obviously depends upon the extent of both the restoration needed/wanted and the modifications requested.  Sometimes these projects take less time than a true restoration, since there is more lee-way in acquiring parts, but any extensive or very specialized modifications will increase the time and labor needed:  expect 9-24 months.

Full “Frame Off” Restoration $$$-$$$$
A very involved restoration, but less so than a “Concours and Sema.”  The car is disassembled, and every piece/part (interiors, exterior trim, body panels, engine, nuts & bolts, etc.) is inspected and either refurbished, repaired, or replaced as necessary, to be period correct.  Vehicle is painted to the color code matching the VIN, or to another period-correct color.  These projects typically take less time than a true Concours, because the specific part constraints are less, and these projects will typically take from 12-36 months (start to finish).

Partial Restoration  $$-$$$
Entire vehicle is not restored, but the parts that are addressed will be returned to original.  This may or may not include a paint job, or a buff job.  Expect 6-18 months, depending on the extent of the restoration.

Full Refresh $-$$$
(Frame-Off) – Car is disassembled, and each part of the vehicle is cleaned and refurbished to the extent requested.  Vehicle is painted the color requested.  Assuming there are no safety issues and all the parts are present (or available), these projects can usually be completed in less than 9 months.

Partial Refresh $-$$
(Frame-On) – Only the parts of the vehicle requested by the customer are cleaned and repaired/refurbished/replaced.  May or may not include painting the vehicle.  Any safety issues will also have to be addressed.