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An Important Note About Classic Car Restorations

The menu items for selection are defined in a such a way as to aid the customer in vocalizing the exact type and level of services desired, so that if RCR is asked to give an estimate, it will more truly reflect what the customer is wanting.  Often, the customer has unrealistic expectations about how much certain types of projects cost – and the actual labor and time involved – or what it means to the value of their car, when regarding a “cost versus market-worth” standpoint.  Also, it is important that everyone involved is using the same terminology, so we have prepared some terms and items of consideration for the customer to contemplate before sitting down with us to discuss their project.  Because we can better help you to achieve what you want if we know why you want it, we always start by asking the customer’s motivation

Why are you doing this project?

  • Investment – Immediate Flip
  • Investment – Future Profit
  • Sentimental – Special emotional attachment; hand down to future generations
  • Cool – Always wanted one (just like this)!                      

Do you have a fixed budget?

  • Be truthful – with us and yourself – about how much you are actually prepared to spend. Sometimes what one wants and what one can afford are two different things.  However, we at RCR are dedicated to helping everyone have their dream classic car, and we can suggest ways to help you achieve your dream affordably!
  • Be prepared for the unexpected – many problems are not obvious in the beginning, and may add to the estimated cost of the project.

Do you have a required, specific time frame?

  • Be truthful about ANY specific deadlines that it is important or necessary to meet – if we cannot meet them, we want to tell you that right away and perhaps help you find a restorator than can meet your needs (providing they are realistic!).
  • Be truthful about ANY expectations you have, regardless of whether it is a hard-and-fast deadline. If you are really wanting or expecting your vehicle done in a certain amount of time, communicate that with us, so that we can let you know if we can realistically come close to that expectation.  Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected – many problems are not obvious in the beginning, and may add to the estimated length of the project.